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Fuel Multimedia - Meet the Team

Core Team Members

Wesley Black - Creative Director / CEO

Wesley BlackBack Then: Wesley was an audio engineer at a recording studio before the age of 18. Being rather creatively inclined, he found it difficult to work around the egos of the artists it was his job to record. He went on to head up the Graphic and Web department as the company began to expand its roster of services.

After running his department for 3 years, Wesley struck out on his own and co-founded Fuel Multimedia with trusted comrade and gifted photographer, Bert Linebarger.

Today: Mr. Black specializes in creating visually stunning graphics and animations. He has a knack for unique user interfaces. He is fluent in more programming languages than spoken languages. As creative director and chief designer, it seems he never stops pounding away at those keys.

Wesley enjoys listening to weird music, snowboarding, laughing at obscure comedy and dreaming about work.

Bert Linebarger - Marketing / Photography

Back Then: Bert founded Fuel Photographics, a small photography studio in Orange Park. He and Wesley worked on many projects together, from album layouts for musicians to websites for fashion models.

After things went south at the recording studio, Bert and Wesley teamed up and started a company built on a solid foundation.

Today: Bert is still shutterbuggin' and having a great time at it. He really enjoys shooting photos of racecars in action as well as beautiful girls.


Partners in Crime

Scott Whittier - Original Music / Sound Design

Back Then: Scott and Wesley worked at the recording studio for many years. They shared a passion for learning and tinkering with new technology.

Today: Mr. Whittier's success is proof that he's the best audio guy in town. From voiceovers to original scores to sound design, there's nothing you can hear that he can't deliver.

Verlon Allen - Videographer

Back Then: Verlon and Wesley went to school together many years ago. They combined their creative efforts and made weird music and art as often as they could.

Today: Mr. Allen has proven himself on the set of many independent films. He is a master of using lights and lenses to tell a story.

Tom Basich - Copy Writing

Back Then: Tom is a veteran, seasoned in writing copy for all sorts of traditional media. He specializes in television, print and radio.

Today: Mr. Basich has become a valuable asset to Fuel Multimedia. He has written keyword rich copy for a number of websites. We are happy to have the resources of Tom Basich Concepts, Inc. on our side. 

Bonnie Bogdanski - Copy Writing

Back Then: Bonnie has always been a talented wordsmith. She has written articles for many blogs and websites over the years.

Today: Ms. Bogdanski has teamed up with Fuel Multimedia on a variety of projects and continues to provide our clients with top-notch service. Her brand of investigative reporting with or without a slant makes her a great choice for writing your copy.